British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Awards (BG Core) 2

HOW WE USE THE British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Awards...

Efficient use of Awards Programs should encourage participation, effort and give an accurate picture of progress...

★ We use our experience and knowledge of Gymnastics to make the British Gymnastics Award Schemes work effectively for the gymnasts

★ We pass gymnasts on no less than 8/10 elements and there are certain elements that are key to passing each level in odrer to aid smooth progression

★ Each Gymnast has his/her achievements recorded on their individual progress sheet

★Parents are given a progress report each term with the re-enrolment newsletter which shows which awards have been achieved during the terms assesments

★ Certificates and Badges can be purchased from the club during your class

★ We run other Awards Schemes alongside the BG Core Proficiency to enable continued achievement

★ We will be happy to answer your questions about the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Awards Program

Levels:8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1...

Used on our Stage 1, 2a, 2b and 3 classes and Development Programs...

Each level of the British Gymnastics CORE Proficiency scheme incorporates 10 activities/skills, one in each of the following categories:Pulse Raising, Flexibility/Posture, Strength, Jumping, Balancing, Weight on hands/locomotion, Rolling, Pair work, Hand held apparatus, Apparatus Preparation.

A minimum of 8 of these skills need to be mastered in order to progress to the next level, with certain skills being compulsory to pass.

On completing each level, Gymnasts can purchase the certificate and cloth badge for that level. At Level 1 they also receive a medal to celebrate the completion of the Scheme.

On completing Level 1 of the Core Proficiency scheme gymnasts should be able to perform a range of core gymnastics skills on floor with sound technique including:

Cartwheel, handstand, headstand with straight legs, bridge, basic levers, rolls forwards and backwards to stand. As well as this they should be well on the way to building the necessary strength, flexibility and co-ordination to progress to learning intermediate skills.

All Gymnasts have a progress sheet where their coaches record the elements they have perfected for the vasiuos award schemes. Progress slip are given out each term with the re-enrolment newsletter.

Each Core Proficiency Certificate & Badge is 3.00

The Level 1 Badge, Certificate and Medal is 5.00

Alton Gymnastics Club 2014